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Enterprise Application Architect

New York City, New York

Position Description:

The Enterprise Application Architect (EAA) will report to the CIO and  is a critical member of the IT Senior Leadership team and whose responsibilities are threefold:
  • Developing and managing the long-term IT Strategic Roadmap and frameworks to re-architect the legacy IT application portfolio;
  • Assessing the impact of small, large and transformational IT Projects, on the current IT application portfolio;
  • Managing and creating Solution Design documents for approved IT Projects.
  • More specifically, the EAA will develop the long-term IT Strategic Roadmap and design the application architecture to ensure master data integrity, application scalability and seamless data integration between the various in-house and SaaS IT applications. 
The ideal candidate will:
  • Understand the various technology stacks supporting IT applications (e.g., Oracle, Informatica, Java, Python, etc.);
  • Understand Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) frameworks and how to implement SOA in an enterprise legacy environment;
  • Be comfortable operating in a ‘hands-on’ mode to perform IT Project Impact Analysis assessments and to design the Solution Architecture for approved IT projects.
Key Responsibilities:

The Enterprise Application Architect will:
  • Develop and maintain the IT Application profiles that define each application, the business processes which it supports, the technology stack on which it operations and the master data which it utilizes and maintains;
  • Develop and maintain the production Application Topology diagrams that define all the data interfaces between each application;
  • Determine the application lifecycle disposition of each application, thus determining potential end-of-life or replacement targets for each application;
  • Using the above architecture artifacts, define the long-term application architecture roadmap to define the vision to achieve master data integrity, application scalability and resilient application integration;
  • Drive the selection of new IT architecture components to support the long-term IT roadmap;
  • Create and manage the usage and standards for the new IT architecture components;
  • For each approved IT Project Request, work closely with the IT Business Analyst to understand the high-level business requirements and prepare the IT Impact Assessment document;
  • For approved IT Projects, create the end-to-end Solution Intent document which will be the high-level technical design that complies with the long-term IT application architecture and roadmap;
  • Work closely with the IT Engineering Team to ensure the Solution Intent design is properly translated into detailed technical designs, and ultimately, deployed IT solutions.
Required Skills & Experience:
  • Candidate must show where and how the required responsibilities have been demonstrated in their past and be prepared to discuss relevant accomplishments and outcomes;
  • Prior work experience functioning as a Software Developer (preferably in Oracle, Python or Java);
  • Prior work experience with IT middleware and architecture platforms (e.g., Informatica, Drools, LifeRay, Al fresco, etc.)
  • Demonstrated experience in bringing structure and process to both strategic and tactical IT application design;
  • Experience working with enterprise legacy environments comprised of older and newer technologies as well as custom and packaged applications;
  • Bachelor degree or commensurate work experience.

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