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Principal/Senior Lead Data Engineer

Boston, MA
US Based Candidates only/

The Principal/Data Architecture will lead the Data Science team as a coach-player, providing direction, leadership, management and roadblock-busting service so that the team can run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

The Principal/Data Architecture will work with the senior technical team and architecture council to determine best short-term and long-term solutions to pressing Product data needs. The Data Architect will provide feedback to the Product team on general approach and dependencies for roadmap and company plans. 

Core Responsibilities 
  • Build a world-class Data Science team and recruit the best talent as needed to achieve business results. 

  • Build a data platform that is scalable, flexible, reliable, performant, maintainable. Choose the appropriate tooling to enable fast development of insights and reliable, cleansed data-sets that can be delivered to clients, customers and internal stakeholders 

  • Recommending new technologies and processes 

  • Provide technical leadership and provide day-to-day and line management to the Data Science 

  • Provide feedback from senior technical resources as input to Product Management 

  • Work with Product Management to assess, prioritize, plan and communicate plans to provide 
data and processing to various other stakeholders 

  • Act as a point of escalation and triage for any production issues affecting the Data Science team 

  • Serve as a key member and senior technical representative for the Engineering team 

  • Partner with the Core, CRM, and “experience” teams to provide and receive data interfaces 

  • Serve as Information Security “System Owner” for the Data platform software, ensuring proper 
Access and Change control, business continuity, vendor management and other aspects of ISO 

  • Regularly attend team meetings to discuss projects, brainstorm ideas, and put forward solutions 
to any issues 

Essential Attributes 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering/Computer Science or related field 
  • Proven experience in DBMS like Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, MS-SQL 

  • Proven experience in data warehousing technologies such as BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift, 
ETL/ELT tools 

  • Proven experience in Information Management and Information Design 

  • Hands on experience with programming languages such as python, perl, golang 

  • Proven experience in software development methodologies 

  • Proven experience leading teams to build complex systems 

  • Strong analytical skills 

  • Company - Internal 
  • Excellent communication skills 

  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills 

  • The ability to multitask, prioritize and get things done 

Other Responsibilities 
  • Comply with Company Written Information Security Policy (WISP), Company Employee Guidelines and all other Company Information Security Policies and Procedures 

  • Take responsibility for any Company assets assigned to you 

  • Promptly report any security events, incidents or weaknesses to Company Security framework
  • Review all code and development processes with security best practices in mind 

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