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Senior Java Developer

Boston, Massachusetts · Information Technology
The Senior Software Developer will be responsible for application development and support of high-quality, electronic products. The Developer will work in a highly collaborative, cross functional and Agile team and may take a lead role on various software components. The Developer will also be responsible for developing unit testing and overall integration tests for the project team.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

• Test-drives awesome code, working closely with other Agile team members.

• Gets things done. Takes ownership of tasks when others do not. Helps drive the completion of all kinds of work tasks.

• Helps break down, estimate, and provide just-in-time design for small increments of work.

• Builds a strong team using their collaboration skills.

• Promotes improvements in version control, continuous integration, project build, and project automation.

• Pair programs with different people in many situations.

• Performs root cause analysis, technology evaluation, and design spikes.

• Continuously learns, and is unafraid to learn new practices, processes, technologies, and languages.

• Models courageous, continuous learning to the team. Actively helps team members continuously learn.

• Stays abreast of industry trends, technology trends, language trends, process trends. Brings new ideas to the team. Ideally also participates in open source projects, and/or blogs about technology concerns.

• Provides leadership and assistance among and across teams.

• Commits to completing well-defined work, and delivers on those commitments.

• Participates in and may lead weekly demonstrations of recently-completed work.

• Reports status of assigned software development and/or maintenance tasks

• Consistently follows software development methodology


• Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent combination of education and recent, relevant work experience

• Minimum 7 years software development experience including 4 years of combined Java and/or JavaScript programming experience

• Knowledge of and desire to work in an Agile development environment.

• Strong familiarity with object-oriented systems and enterprise design patterns

• Experience with development of service oriented applications

• Familiarity with wide portfolio of software development applications, environments and languages

• Strong understanding of HTTP/REST/API architecture

• Experience using source code control systems, such as Git, Subversion, or CVS

• Knowledge of XML parsing, and/or DOM traversal.

• Excellent verbal and written English communication skills required

• Creative problem solving skills and ability to effectively communicate and translate feedback, needs and solutions

• Must have strong teamwork orientation and the ability to foster collaboration within and across teams

• Must be sensitive to cultural differences in interactions and in the way work is done

• Needs good work ethic and strong sense of ownership of end result


• Advanced degree preferred

• Experience with Agile development methodologies, including XP methods such as Test Driven Development and pair programming

• Experience with JavaScript frameworks, such as Backbone.js, JavaScript MVC, jQuery, etc.

• Experience with Advanced JavaScript (including prototype-based inheritance, event delegation, closures, AJAX, JSON)

• Understanding of Web Standards, Accessibility, and command of Semantic markup (XHTML, HTML5)

• Experience with high performance web page optimization techniques (edge serving, minimize http connections, etc.)

• Experience with a variety of Database Systems, such as LDAP, Oracle, Sybase, MongoDB, NoSQL

• Knowledge of search engine development, particularly with Lucene as a component

• Experience developing for mobile devices

• Leadership skills and experience managing the work of development staff

• Passion for working in the academic, professional or library markets, and experience with technologies within those markets such as LMS, eReaders, OPAC, OpenURL, Z39.50, and SRU/SRW
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