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Front End Architect

Boston, MA
Our client, a well funded start-up, solved a huge gap and a problem in the e-commerce market place that will save online retailers many hours and dollars.  This SaaS company will connect companies across the entire supply chain.  The solution helps e-commerce, marketing, and sales teams, create, manage, and share product information globally and across companies with flexible data structures to allow users to collaborate and keep products and its related information up to date.

While still a start-up, our client already has many happy customers with hundreds of brands and millions of products!!


At heart our client's team are technologists that built their careers in e-commerce and love retail, both brick and click. They're building a product that’s technologically very powerful and usable by marketers, buyers, merchants, and salespeople without PhDs in computer science.

The’ve come a long way since starting in a Boston basement in late 2012, and now have great, happy customers across the entire supply chain, from brands to distributors to retailers to marketplaces. Their goal is to build a global network through which product information flows between companies instantly, seamlessly, and without hassle.

Role Description:

You will drive the overall architecture and design of the front-end stack with a highly responsive user experience, and will be responsible for driving good software development practices, leading teams, contributing to a great user experience, and being a major contributor to internal and open source products. We are looking for a solid engineering background and leadership experience, in a strong SaaS or product-based company.

Required experience/Skills:

You have deep expertise in building major enterprise applications, web programming with specialization in front-end technologies: HTML, CSS (including pre-processors such as Sass/Less), Javascript, and front-end frameworks (such as Angular, Backbone, Ember, Ext, React, Knockout, etc). You are an active contributor on github/other projects.

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