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Microstrategy Architect

New York City, New York
We're looking for a Data and Microstrategy Architect to join our team on site in New York City. The candidate must have an excellent background in Data Analysis, Database Design and Microstrategy development experience.  Candidate must have excellent communication skills both written and verbal as they will be facilitating and interacting with many colleagues and business units.

  • Create Data Mapping from numerous data sources through to the target warehouse tables
  • Create a Measure Dictionary describing metrics
  • Create a Data Dictionary for warehouse data – this could largely be extrapolated from the Data Mapping
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Good experience coordinating and collecting information from various sources including the BI team, the BA team, and business colleagues.
  • A good understanding of Microstrategy Metadata  to reverse engineer the metrics, etc. and to understand the mapping as well as infer the metric calculations. 
  • Oracle PL/SQL experience to query tables to explore and understand the data.
  • Must conversant in database schema design and architecture.
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