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DevOps Engineer

Waltham, MA
Job Description:   
Our client currently building tools to offer “Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)” cloud services to their internal teams.  This abstraction layer will make it easier and faster to provision and scale network, compute, and storage.  We’re looking for people with a passion for using code to build new tools and applications.  An understanding of underlying IT infrastructure such as operating, network and storage systems is preferred.

Position Summary:

The DevOps Engineer will work with the IaaS team that develops tools and applications that allow the company to efficiently scale deliver development, network and storage service to the rest of the company and it’s client.

The DevOps Engineer should have experience developing code in one of those languages (C++. C#, Java, Perl, Python, or C) with an understanding of underlying IT Infrastructure such as networks and operating systems.

  • Design and develop software to support company products and services. This involves:
  • Actively learning the product/service space from team members and stakeholders.
  • Applying rigorous engineering practices to solving the complex problems presented.
  • Understanding coding conventions and development policies and applying them to their work and in their codechecks of others work.
  • Understanding the system and devising solid test plans for code written.
  • Teaching others on what they have learned, including writing appropriate technical documentation.
  • Providing status on development tasks to supervisors and stakeholders.
Skills Required:
  • Strong understanding of complex computer science engineering problems
  • Substantial expertise in a programming language such as C/C#/C++, Perl, Java, or Python
  • Preferred skills include previous public cloud experience with Amazon, Google, or Azure; UNIX/Linux familiarity, Perl, JavaScript, RDBMS experience (particularly with Oracle)
  • Bachelor Degree or equivalent (CS degree preferred)
  • 2-5 years of professional experience
  • Experience working directly with business stakeholders is preferred

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